Asphalte Bélanger Inc, would like to thank you for trusting the quality of their services for your paving project.

Here are a few advices for paving maintenance for the next years:

  • You can walk on your new asphalt. However be careful as it can still be warm and sticky.
  • You should wait at least 48h before driving with a car on your new asphalt project.
  • For the first year, be careful with heavy vehicles. Make sure that they are not parked at the same place over a long period of time. Also, be careful of bike or moto stand or anything that can leave a mark on the new asphalt.
  • Avoid spinning the wheels when your car is parked. (If you notice some mark, they should disappeared over time)
  • Be especially careful when it is hot outside as the asphalt can soften and so, it can be easier to damage it.
  • If your driveway is higher than the surrounding field, we recommend you to level your landscaping with your driveway. This way, you will avoid the subsidence of the edge of your new paving and the cracks that can appear afterwards.
  • You can apply a bitumen-based sealant after a year or if your asphalt shows cracks. This way, you will avoid water and ants infiltration.
  • Weeds can grow up through cracks in the asphalt.
  • Some cracks can be the result of freeze-thaw cycles. Unfortunately, this process is beyond our control.

The asphalt requires a minimum of one (1) year to harden completely.

Asphalt maintenance tips